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The 10 Most Expensive Gemstones in the World and Their Prices with Pictures 2024

The Most Expensive Gemstones

Gemstones are natural treasures that have captivated humans since ancient times, used to stimulate creativity and uniqueness in jewelry making. In 2024, these stones continue to symbolize luxury and well-being, with jewelry enthusiasts competing to acquire unique pieces. Some stones stand out due to their natural beauty and rarity, giving them exceptional value. This article explores the world of luxury and beauty by showcasing the most expensive gemstones in the world for 2024, highlighting the allure of each stone and its impact on the world of jewelry and global culture.

1 – Tanzanite


Tanzanite dazzles with its unique brilliance that reflects the rich blue skies of northern Tanzania, where its beauty is visible on the slopes of Mount Kilimanjaro. This precious gem was first discovered in 1967, and since then, it has become a symbol of luxury and elegance. Tanzanite is characterized by its deep blue color which harmonizes with a slight pink luster, giving it a special sparkle that surpasses the beauty of sapphire.

Its prestigious history and distinctive use by Tiffany & Co. have given this gemstone an unmatched reputation. Although the price per carat of $1200 may seem modest compared to some other gemstones, those looking to invest in this unique jewel find a rare opportunity.

Market experts predict a rapid increase in the price of tanzanite in the coming years, due to its rarity and increasing demand. This gem reflects not only natural beauty but also an investment value that makes it an ideal choice for lovers of luxury jewelry and savvy investors.

2 – Black Onyx

Black Onyx

Black onyx stands out with its dark hue and unique charm. Despite the many types of onyx in the world, black onyx remains a rare pearl with superior value. It is characterized by its deep color that allows it to shine with unusual color shades. This precious gem is mined in the Lightning Ridge area of New South Wales, Australia, making it one of the country’s unique national treasures.

At the heart of this wonderful story comes the “Royal One,” a black onyx that weighs 306 carats, one of the most precious types ever mined. The excitement of the story is enhanced by the miner who discovered it, keeping it under his pillow for 14 years before deciding to sell it. The value of the “Royal One” slightly exceeds three million dollars, making it not only a rare art piece but also an unparalleled investment.

This extraordinary story reflects the unique value and beauty of black onyx that surpasses many other gemstones. Enjoy the opportunity to explore a world of beauty and value with this exceptional black onyx that carries a rich history and invaluable value.

3 – Red Beryl

Red Beryl

Red beryl shines as one of the most beautiful in the beryl family, which includes emerald, alexandrite, and peridot, and is sometimes referred to as “red emerald.” This rare gem is among the most unique and scarce gemstones. Although red beryl can be found in some regions of Utah, New Mexico, and northern Mexico, the most valuable specimens are typically mined in the Wah Wah Mountains in Utah.

This unique gem features magnificent shades of crimson red, making it an artwork that harmonizes with the beauty of nature. The extreme rarity of red beryl allows it to quickly gain value, becoming coveted by gemstone lovers and investors alike. The price per carat, reaching $10,000, reflects not only its beauty and rarity but also a distinguished investment opportunity in the world of luxury gemstones. Enjoy the opportunity to own this magnificent natural treasure and elevate your collection to a new level of elegance and distinction.

4 – Musgravite


The discovery of musgravite in Australia in 1967 was a historic moment that paved the way for one of the rarest gemstones in the world of jewelry. The stone takes its name from the region where it is mined, and it is characterized by unique color shades ranging from olive green to purplish gray. Musgravite is an extremely rare stone, with only eight high-quality pieces mined since its discovery until 2005.

Although this gemstone is found in scattered regions like Sri Lanka, Antarctica, Madagascar, and Tanzania, it remains unique and rare. Its appeal lies in its rarity of extraction and its variety of unique colors. Stones are meticulously evaluated by experts, making them a source of inspiration for jewelers and lovers of rare gemstones.

The price per carat, reaching $35,000, reflects not only the value of musgravite but also the luxury and rarity it possesses. Own a unique piece of this gemstone and immerse yourself in a world of authentic elegance and luxury.

5 – Alexandrite


The alexandrite stone is among the most unique and exciting gemstones, with aesthetics and value incredibly manifested through its ability to change color depending on the light and temperature. Wearing a necklace carrying an alexandrite stone, it will shine a green color similar to emerald in daylight, but in the evening, shades of pink and red will appear like ruby.

This unique stone was first discovered in Russia in 1833, and since then, it has also been mined in Sri Lanka, Tanzania, and India. The largest sample of alexandrite was found and is displayed at the Smithsonian Institute in the United States, where it weighs 65.08 carats and its value exceeds four million dollars.

What makes the alexandrite stone even more exciting is that its value increases significantly when extracted in larger sizes. If you are looking for a unique artwork and a valuable investment, the alexandrite stone represents an ideal choice. Give your collection a touch of distinction and luxury with this magnificent gemstone, which tells a story of beauty that changes with every moment.

6 – Emerald

Emerald 1

The emerald, this enchanting gem characterized by its unique colors, is among the most famous and beautiful gemstones in the world of jewelry. Although it is found worldwide, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Brazil, and Colombia are the main sources of this precious gem. The emerald stands out for its uniqueness and allure, and its pieces often carry minor flaws that are a sign of its authenticity.

Among the beautiful emerald stones shines the “Rockefeller” stone, which holds a special place as it was purchased by John D. Rockefeller for his wife and became a piece of great interest and care. After their deaths, their children put this precious stone up for sale, and its value continued to increase. The luxury emerald was sold at Christie’s auction house at a record price of $305,000 per carat, giving it an unmatched touch of luxury. This unique emerald, which belonged to the Russian empire, tells a wonderful story of elegance and heritage. Enjoy the opportunity to immerse yourself in a world of supreme beauty and acquire a luxurious piece bearing a rich history and invaluable value.

7 – Ruby


The ruby, this enchanting gem that bursts with colors ranging from pink to deep red and burgundy, is an embodiment of passion and energy. The ruby stands out for its magnificent colors and incredible strength, making it a preferred choice in the world of high-end jewelry. The ruby is mined in various parts of the world, but the ruby mined in Myanmar remains the most valuable.

Among the most beautiful rubies in the world stands out the “Sunrise Ruby,” a Burmese ruby weighing 26 carats, sold for a huge amount of $30 million at a public auction. It takes its name from a poem by the great poet Jalaluddin Rumi, where he describes the ruby as being like a noble soul attached to the bright rays of the rising sun.

“Love says: nothing of me remains, and I have become like a ruby raised and clinging to the bright rays of the rising sun. Is it a stone? Or is the whole world made of red color?”

These words illustrate the beauty of the ruby and its grandeur as a gem that reflects love and radiance. This gem has acquired a special place in the hearts of lovers and jewelry enthusiasts, highlighting the splendor of nature and the art of jewelry in one piece.

8 – Pink Diamond

Pink Diamond

The pink diamond possesses a unique sparkle and exceptional position among colored diamonds, being one of the rarest gemstones, which gives it high value. The elegantly colored pink stones represent less than 0.1% of global diamond production, and are mined from the famous Argyle mine in Australia. The value of the pink diamond is expected to increase with the cessation of production from the mine in the coming years.

At the forefront of these gemstones is the “Pink Star,” classified as “perfect” by the American Gem Institute, to be the most expensive gem in the world with a price reaching $71.2 million. This Pink Star, weighing 59.60 carats, was sold at a Sotheby’s auction in Hong Kong in 2017. This pink diamond manifests a unique beauty and striking rarity, making it a leading player in the world of luxury jewelry and a unique investment. Enjoy the charm and luxury that the pink diamond brings to the world of high-end jewelry.

9 – Jadeite


Jade, this unique stone that is part of the semi-precious stones category, holds a special place in the world of jewelry, especially when it comes to jadeite, the most distinguished and highest quality stone in the jade family. Jadeite is known for its completely different position in the world of gemstones, having a carat value reaching millions of dollars.

Although it is commonly believed that jadeite is only green, it comes in several colors such as white, black, purple, red, and yellow, and can also be transparent. However, “imperial jade” remains the most favored and valuable, distinguished by its vibrant green color and high transparency.

The region of Myanmar is considered the main source of more than 90% of the world’s jadeite production, however, Chinese craftsmen excel in creating the finest artworks with this gemstone. We saw the “Hutton Mdivani” necklace, which belonged to Barbara Hutton, hold a place among the most expensive jewelry in the world, having been sold for $27.44 million in 2014. These precious stones tell a story of luxury and distinction, reflecting the skill of jewelry craftsmen and the beauty of jade in its finest forms.

10 – Blue Diamond

Blue Diamond

The blue diamond, this precious gem that is among the rarest and most valuable types in the world of colored diamonds. The blue diamond is characterized by its unique luster due to the element boron which gives it its distinctive color. While nitrogen determines the intensity of the blue color, the blue diamond is among the most rare and beautiful gemstones.

The value of the blue diamond increases with its size, and this precious gem is mined from only a few mines in South Africa, Australia, and India. The “Hope Diamond” is one of the most famous blue diamonds known, having added special charm with the legends and romantic stories of its owners over time.

The Hope Diamond, believed to have been stolen from a Buddhist temple in India, and cut by Jean-Baptiste Tavernier and then sold to King Louis XIV, achieved great fame. After a long journey, it was recently recut and purchased by the jeweler Harry Winston, and is now displayed at the Smithsonian Institution. The blue diamond remains a symbol of beauty and luxury, and an exceptional work of art in the world of high-end jewelry.

How to Tell if a Stone is Precious?

Discovering precious jewels and determining their value depends on a set of factors that combine rarity, brilliance, and authenticity. Highly valuable gemstones often stand out for their long history and unique source. Rich color and clarity play an essential role in determining the value of the gemstone, with rare colors distinguished by their exceptional beauty. Transparency and precise cutting also contribute to making the stone more valuable. In addition, the stone is evaluated based on the carat or weight in carats, where the weight increases when the stone is larger. Unique and rare stones like the pink diamond and pink ruby hold a special place, where rarity and distinctive beauty enhance their value. Discovering a highly valuable gemstone is a natural artwork, highlighting a blend of historical, aesthetic, and exceptional elements.

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