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Definition of Ruby Stone Its Properties Types Benefits and Prices in 2024

Definition of Ruby Stone

Single ruby stone on a sand dune
                Ruby Stone

Ruby is a type of precious gemstone. It is primarily composed of the mineral corundum, which gives it high hardness. Ruby comes in various colors such as red, blue, pink, and purple. It is used in the making of luxurious jewelry due to its brilliance and beauty. The stone is characterized by high transparency and an excellent ability to reflect light. Ruby belongs to a mineral group known as aluminum oxides and is one of the rarest and most expensive gemstones. In nature, ruby forms under specific geological conditions and very slowly. All these properties make ruby one of the most favored jewels worldwide.

History of Ruby

The history of ruby dates back thousands of years. In ancient times, it was considered a symbol of power and authority. The pharaohs of ancient Egypt used it in making royal jewelry. It was also favored by kings and rulers in India and China.

In the Middle Ages, ruby was believed to provide protection and ward off evil spirits. In Europe, it was used by churches to make religious decorations and luxurious jewelry.

In modern times, thanks to technological advances in mining and exploration, the availability of gemstones has increased, but precious rubies remain rarer and more expensive. Rubies continue to enjoy great popularity and are used in prominent events and luxury designs.

Cultural and Historical Significance of Ruby

Ruby has always been a part of various cultures worldwide. It is known as a symbol of power and wealth and has deep religious and spiritual connotations. In ancient times, Egyptians and Phoenicians believed that ruby provided protection and brought good luck.

In India, ruby is considered a sacred stone used in religious rituals and royal adornments. It symbolizes purity and wisdom. In Europe during the Middle Ages, ruby was used in making royal crowns and enhanced political power and influence.

In Asian folklore, ruby is believed to protect against the evil eye and enhance overall health. Each culture has added special value to this gemstone, reflecting its fame and widespread use over time and space.

Properties of Ruby

Physical and Chemical Properties

Ruby is a type of sapphire mineral. It is classified among the hardest gemstones. It is composed of aluminum oxide and contains trace amounts of chromium, which gives it its unique red color. It has a strong hardness rating of 9 on the Mohs scale.

Varied Colors of Ruby

Ruby comes in a range of beautiful colors. It is most famous for its bright red color, which is considered the rarest and most valuable. Ruby can range from dark red to light red.

In addition to red, there is also blue ruby, which is the second most famous type. The blue color ranges from light sky blue to deep blue.

Pink ruby comes in various shades from light pink to deep pink, making it a favorite choice for many due to its lovely color.

Purple ruby displays attractive shades ranging from light purple to dark purple.

Star ruby shows a star effect in light, giving it a unique and beautiful appearance.

These diverse colors make ruby one of the most varied and attractive gemstones in the jewelry world.

Difference Between Natural and Fake Ruby

Ruby stone with a desert sunset backdrop
            Ruby Stone

Natural ruby forms slowly underground over millions of years. It has natural inclusions that enhance its value and possesses a special brilliance that is hard to replicate.

Fake ruby is manufactured in laboratories. It has lower material quality and is often free from natural inclusions. Fake ruby displays unnatural brilliance when viewed from different angles.

There are special tools used to test ruby to ensure its authenticity. One method is using fluorescent light that highlights the differences between natural and fake ruby. A professional can easily distinguish between natural and fake ruby with a thorough examination of the sample and the materials used in its production.

Types of Ruby

Red Ruby

Red ruby is the most famous and valuable type of all rubies. It is known for its bright red color, which ranges from light red to dark red. It symbolizes strength, passion, and purity. This precious stone is composed of corundum mineral with small amounts of chromium, giving it its distinctive red color.

Red ruby is used in making luxurious jewelry such as rings, necklaces, and bracelets, and attracts attention with its unique shine and brilliance. It is believed that red ruby possesses strong energy that positively affects mental and physical health, enhancing feelings of strength and confidence.

In ancient cultures, red ruby was considered a symbol of protection and courage and was often worn by warriors and kings. It embodies spirituality and natural beauty simultaneously, making it a popular choice for collectors and jewelry enthusiasts.

Blue Ruby

Blue ruby is one of the most beautiful and famous types of ruby. It is characterized by its rich and attractive blue color, ranging from light blue to dark blue. This precious stone is composed of iron and titanium, giving it its enchanting blue color.

Blue ruby is a preferred choice for many people in making luxurious jewelry such as rings, bracelets, and necklaces. It is believed to symbolize wisdom, calmness, and serenity. In many cultures, wearing blue ruby is thought to bring protection and provide emotional stability.

Blue ruby also enhances a sense of tranquility and works to reduce stress. It is worth acquiring for its unique elegance and high spiritual value.

Pink Ruby

Pink ruby varies in color from light pink to dark pink. This type of gemstone is mainly found in Madagascar, Sri Lanka, and Myanmar. Thanks to its attractive color, pink ruby is extensively used in designing high-end jewelry.

Sunlight and prolonged exposure to light can affect the color of pink ruby. It is advised to keep it in a dark place to avoid color fading. It is considered a symbol of love and affection and is often given as a token of special and enduring relationships.

Pink ruby is characterized by its high hardness of 9 on the Mohs scale, making it an excellent choice for everyday jewelry. It enhances positive energy and adds beauty and elegance to the wearer.

Star Ruby

Star ruby is a special type of ruby that shows a star shape when exposed to light. This effect is known as asterism and is caused by small inclusions within the stone. Star ruby usually comes in bright colors such as red, blue, and black.

This unique type is extracted from regions like Thailand, Sri Lanka, and Madagascar. The stone must be carefully purified to clearly achieve the star effect. It is considered a symbol of protection and spiritual strength and is believed to bring good luck to its wearer.

The value of star ruby is influenced by the purity and clarity of the star, its alignment, and the color of the stone itself. It is a refined choice for those seeking beauty and distinction in precious jewelry pieces.

Purple Ruby

Purple ruby is a rare and unique type of ruby. It is characterized by its attractive purple color, ranging from violet to sapphire. Many gemstone enthusiasts prefer this color for its uniqueness and charm.

Purple ruby is found in specific areas such as Madagascar, Sri Lanka, and Thailand. It is considered a symbol of love and psychological harmony and is said to enhance self-confidence and spiritual calm.

It has the same physical and chemical properties as other types of ruby, but it differs in its color and shades. It is among the precious and highly sought-after gemstones in the jewelry market. Its price rises based on the purity and clarity of the color, and large-sized purple ruby stones are extremely rare and valuable.

Benefits of Ruby

Ruby is renowned for its numerous spiritual and psychological benefits. It is believed that wearing it enhances inner peace and helps achieve psychological balance. It is also said to improve energy levels and boost willpower.

Ruby is considered a catalyst for true love and strong friendships, believed to bring good luck and ward off negative energies. Health-wise, ruby is thought to help improve circulation and strengthen the heart.

Some individuals rely on ruby in energy healing by placing the stone on specific body parts to stimulate natural healing. These benefits make it a favored gemstone for many and sought after in various circles.

Spiritual and Psychological Benefits

A significant part of ruby’s allure lies in its spiritual and psychological effects. Some claim that ruby enhances inner peace and helps calm the mind and nerves. Additionally, it is considered a stimulant for strength and willpower, supporting the achievement of goals and ambitions.

Ruby is also believed to enhance self-confidence and courage, strengthen social relationships, and attract true love and sincere friendship. Faith in its benefits does not stop there but extends to considering it a source of good luck and repelling negative energies.

Overall, many people consider ruby an excellent choice for those seeking psychological and spiritual balance in their daily lives.

Health Benefits

Some believe that ruby has numerous health benefits. It is said to help enhance heart health and circulation. It may also contribute to improving digestive functions and strengthening immunity.

There is a common belief that ruby relieves joint and muscle pain. It is also said to help calm the nerves and reduce stress and anxiety. Wearing this precious stone is thought to speed up the healing of wounds and injuries and promote cell regeneration.

Some use ruby as part of energy healing to balance the physical and mental aura. It is worth noting that the proposed health benefits of ruby are still not scientifically proven but remain part of the traditional and spiritual medicine of cultures that believe in these properties.

Uses of Ruby in Energy Healing

Ruby is believed to have properties that help in achieving spiritual and physical balance. It is used in energy healing sessions to promote inner peace and calm. Ruby is said to help release negative energy and give the person a sense of confidence and strength.

In alternative medicine, ruby is used to stimulate emotional healing and improve mood. Some present this stone as a means to enhance positivity and optimism in daily life. It is also said to be placed on specific body areas to increase energy flow and balance chakras.

Many believe that ruby carries strong energy vibrations that help achieve psychological stability and enhance overall health. Despite the lack of scientific evidence, these uses remain popular in spiritual and alternative circles.

Ruby Prices in 2024

Close-up of a ruby stone in a sandy desert
               Ruby Stone

Ruby prices in 2024 vary significantly depending on the type, quality, and purity. Several factors can influence ruby prices, including size, color, and clarity. The following table compares the prices of diffèrent types:

Type of Ruby Price per Carat (USD)
Red Ruby 1,000 – 10,000
Blue Ruby 800 – 8,000
Pink Ruby 500 – 5,000
Star Ruby 750 – 7,500
Purple Ruby 600 – 6,000

It is important to note that these prices are estimates and may change based on the market and supply and demand. To get the best prices, it is always recommended to compare offers and verify the source of the stone.

Factors Influencing Ruby Prices

Several different factors can affect ruby prices. Size is one of the main factors; the larger the stone, the higher its value. Purity also plays an important role; stones without inclusions are more valuable.

Color is another crucial factor; rich and consistent colors attract higher prices. The origin of the stone is also important; stones from well-known areas like Burma (Myanmar) have a good reputation and higher cost. Additionally, market supply and demand can affect prices, with ruby value increasing during times of high demand. Buyers should always verify the credibility of the source and the quality of the stone to get the best value for their money.

Comparison of Ruby Prices by Type

Ruby prices vary according to its type, color, and purity. The following table provides some examples of prices for different types of ruby:

Type Price per Carat (USD)
Red Ruby 5,000 – 10,000
Blue Ruby 3,000 – 8,000
Pink Ruby 2,000 – 5,000
Star Ruby 2,500 – 6,000
Purple Ruby 4,000 – 9,000

It is noted that red ruby is usually the highest priced by a significant margin. This is due to its rarity and unique beauty. Blue ruby comes in second in terms of price. Pink and purple stones are relatively less expensive but remain attractive and valuable. It is essential to note that prices can vary based on the stone’s source, weight, and color intensity.

Tips for Buying Ruby at Affordable Prices

To buy ruby at affordable prices, buyers should follow some simple tips. First, it is always preferable to buy from trusted sources and avoid uncertified sellers. Second, requesting a certificate from recognized geological laboratories can ensure the purity and quality of the stone. Third, bargaining on the price is possible and desirable, especially in local stores or during special offers. Fourth, knowing the market and the average prices before buying helps avoid overpaying. Finally, paying attention to small details such as cut, polish, and color quality is essential, as these factors significantly affect the value of ruby.

Summary of Ruby

Ruby is one of the most famous and valued gemstones in the world. It has high hardness and rich color, making it a preferred choice in the luxury jewelry industry. There are multiple types ranging from red, blue, pink, and purple, each with its unique beauty and charm. These stones offer psychological and spiritual benefits and are used by some in energy healing. The wide range of colors and prices means that each type of ruby has a different value determined by quality, purity, and color standards. Understanding the distinctive properties of each type and comparing prices helps in choosing the right one according to specifications and available budget.

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